David McKenzie's PhD Thesis: tethers and space-webs

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About me

For most of the past decade, I have researched the dynamics of Motorized Tethers with my supervisor, Professor Matthew Cartmell , and my officemate, Chris Draper.
This came to an end in late November 2009, when I sat my viva, and passed with minor corrections. The corrections turned out to affect the chapter on inclination, and turned out to be a slightly larger problem than I first thought. In any case, I corrected the thesis and the examiners were happy. I passed, got the thesis bound and handed it in. Currently, I am in limbo awaiting a letter of award conferring the title "Doctor".

My thesis: here is a link to the PDF version of my thesis as it was sumbitted in January 2010.
David McKenzie's Thesis: The Dynamics of Tethers and Space-webs

Changelog: if you spot any mistakes, please get in touch. My email is dave(*)joanddave.co.uk. I will list these below when (or if!) it changes.

I would very much like to hear from you if you read my thesis, or found it useful. Please drop me a quick email at: dave(*)joanddave.co.uk. Thanks.

Citing my thesis. Here is a bibtex entry citing my thesis: bibtex entry

Here's a tag cloud generated from my thesis (text version here, along with PDFs of the top 100 words without stats, top 100 words with stats, top 1000 words with stats and all words with stats.). Interestingly, tether comes out strongly.

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