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Welcome to my web-page. My online presence in the world...

About me

Look, it's me! My name is David McKenzie and I was a Postgraduate student at the University of Glasgow.
I researched the dynamics of Motorized Tethers with my supervisor, Professor Matthew Cartmell , and my officemate, Chris Draper.
My interests at Glasgow University:
GUNS - The GU Network Gaming Society
I set up a network-gaming society at GU in 2004/05, set up the website there, forums, wiki and gallery. It's all found through the link above. We've got around 100 members and hold regular LANs every month.
Io - The GU Science Fiction and Fantasy Society Where I ran publicity and their website for a year.
My Homepage at the Mechenical Engineering Department


Here is a link to my thesis webpage. You can download a copy there.

CD / DVD / Book Collection

I have been indexing my CD & DVD & book collection for a while now. It's all online if you want to see what I have in my DVD collection.
I've yet to fill in the part with the CD's and books. Bear with me :)
In a completely different sentence, here is my My Amazon Wishlist

Personal Links

My Livejournal page Where I talk about crap that happens in my day-to-day existence.
The link to my private key (for the email account: dave(*)joanddave.co.uk )for encryption.
If you want to know more about encryption, GPG, PGP and email security, visit GNU_Privacy_Guard wiki I use Enigmail with Thunderbird

If you are wanting a nice internet browser, than look no further than Firefox. It won't eat your children like Internet Explorer will.
If you are seeing some crappy square boxes instead of sext curved boxes, then you're using the wrong browser.


I am in the process of making a Munchkin add-on set for Io, the GU Sci-Fi Soc,
It's called Io Munchkin, and you can take a sneak peak here.

Silly Stuff

I have devised a manly colouring system for naming manly colours. Men only.
The basic premise is: Men have words for things. Colour is one of them.
We don't want some girly, made-up colours like cyan, magenta or puce. All we need is less than 16 colours to describe all we see around us.
Follow the link to find out why.
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